The BOOK that led to the MOVIE and the MINISTRIES that Followed.

Heaven: The Open World Adventure Game

Directions: Download, Unzip, go to sub-folders and launch The_ Heaven_ Game_Oct

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The "Heaven" Book


The grief of a miscarriage, the regret of an abortion, and the death of a loved one are all heartbreaking times in our lives. The grieving process can seem never-ending. These is real life crushing experiences. These are the times we cannot stand on our own. We need the Lord’s comforting hands upon our lives, so that He can heal our broken hearts. He and He alone can bring us out of these dark places.

If you are struggling, looking for help or just want someone to talk to, seek out a Pastor, Christian Counselor, family member or a dear friend. Make sure that person is filled with wisdom and understanding. Most of all pray that the Lord would lead you to the right person who can speak to your heart and bring comfort and healing to your soul.


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Restoration Story

This is a true story that changed my life and the direction of the movie HEAVEN. This event happened to me one Sunday morning. This is a short video about how the Lord can redeem all the things that was taken from us or we have lost or thrown away. Written from a Heavenly perspective.

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Meet the Author

“BUT, I DONT WANT TO WRITE A BOOK”, He said. Meet the reluctant servant. God can use anyone and change their desires and life’s projection. This is an interview about how the book, “Heaven: The Adventure Begins” was written and the steps the Lord took to turn it into the feature film, “Heaven”, released in 2020.